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Carla Accardi

Carla Accardi is born to Bottoming drills. After to have achieved the classic maturity it is enrolled to the Academy of Fine Arts of Florence, that lascerà in order to move itself to Rome, city where tutt' hour resides.
In 1947, with to Consagra, Dorazio, Guerrini, Perilli, Sanfilippo and Turcato, it writes up The Manifest Shape 1 with which the young artists conciliated abstract art and civil engagement. The first staff is to the gallery Age D' Or of Rome in 1950, with one presentation of Giulio Turcato. In 1951 abstract Art participates to the review “and realizes in Italy” to the National Gallery of Modern Art of Rome.
From 1953 new search founded on the poetica of the sign undertakes one. In 1959 it holds two personal: one to Rome to the Gallery the Climb and the other to Turin to the Gallery News, both accompanied from one presentation of Michel Tapié. In 1964 it is present to the Biennial one of Venice with one knows it personal.
It develops to the search based on the dialectic relationship sign-color, started in years Fifty, with the various material and technical new experimentation from those conventional ones like the sicofoil transparent. Of sicofoil transparent the superficial ones painted of atmospheres are beginning from realize the half to you of years Sixty: I
It stretches of the 1965, Triple one Stretches of 1969, Ambient Orange of 1967, House maze of 2000.
It exposes in some important international reviews and all the main dedicated extensions to the Italian art, between the others: “Ambient/Art” to the Biennial one of Venice of 1976, “Vanguard Transavanguardia 68-77” to Mura Aureliane to Rome in 1982, “Chambres d' Amis” to Gent in 1986, “Italienische Kunst 1900/1980” to the Kunstverein of Frankfurt in 1985, “Italian Art in the 20th Century” to the Royal Academy of Arts of London in 1989, “The Italian Metamorphosis, 1943-1968” to the Guggenheim Museum di New York in 1994. And' present to the first edition of “Minimalia” to Palazzo Querini-Dubois of Venice in 1997, and to successive editions to the Palace of the Exposures of Rome in 1998 and to the P.S.1 of New York in 1999.
In 1988 he participates newly to the Biennial one of Venice with one knows it personal. Numerous they are the extensions that come dedicated to them from private galleries, like the Salvatore Ala Gallery di New York, the Galerie Di Meo to Paris, Galleria Pieroni of Rome, the Westend Galerie of Frankfurt, the Galerie Meert Rihoux of Brussels.
Between the personal extensions near the public institutions those near the Loggetta Lombardesca to Ravenna in 1983, the Civic Gallery of Modena in 1989, the Civic Museum of Gibellina in 1990 are remembered, the Castle of Rivoli in 1994, the Kunstverein di Ludwigshafen in 1995.
In the 1996 s' it inaugurates the realized permanent work in mosaic for the metropolitan of Rome. In the same year it comes to them conferred the title it of “Academic of Brera” to Milan and the onorificenza of Knight of Great Cross from the President of the Republic to Rome. In 1997 to the Atelier of the Medical Forest of Villa, in the center of the Academy of France to Rome, s' it inaugurates, with one its staff, a cycle of extensions devised from the association for the contemporary art Zerynthia.
In 1999 the monography cured from Germano Celant in the Charta editions of Milan exits. To the Triple one It stretches comes dedicated one extension to the Castle of Rivoli in 1998, to the Kunstmuseum of Bonn in 1999 and to the P.S.1 of New York in 2001. To 2000 laughed them the extension in the Gallery Massimo Minini to Brescia with the jobs in sicofoil.
In 2002 it introduces the recent works in the gallery Warehouse of Contemporary Art to Rome. After the extension introduced from Achille Bonito Olive in Galleria Astuni di Fano in 2001, in 2003 it still exposes to Galleria Astuni in the center of Pietrasanta: of particular interest, beyond to recent burlaps, a group of ceramics realized from the Bottega Cats of Faenza. In the 2002 Musée d' Art Moderne de Ville de Paris has dedicated a wide anthological extension to them


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