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" Le colonne dei medici " un segreto nascosto

You knew that when Cosimo dei Medici reigned to Florence, it made to erect three storice columns, in order to commemorate three large ones it is made important of the history of the city and to consolidate the Granducato of Tuscany? Recent historical studies in fact have carried to the light one series of interesting discoveries......
The first column was posizionata in Saint public square Trinita, in memory of the taken one of Siena, the second one in Saint public square Felice, for the Victoria of They march, and third it was realized for Saint public square Mark is never mails you for one series of vicissitudes.
The history tells to us that, two times this column returned underground, and two ricomparve, after its sortie from the quarry. The fact had the Granduca Cosimo to raise two columns in various points of the City, from S.Trinita for the taken one of Siena, and other from S.Felice in public square for the Victoria of They march; when it thought to erect third for adorned of the City, on the public square of S.Marco, in face to Wide Way.
But it did not want the destiny: anco one knows year their stars. This marble cylinder of Seravezza in Florence of' 27 entered. Settembre 1572, wide of diameter arms 3. and half, and high 21. and half; and it was placed lying in said Public square, supported from some tronconi of beam.
While being died the Granduca Cosimo, for order of Francisco the base in shape of dice in the assigned place was erected, and was some from Peter executed Heel one great statue Giovanna representative of Austria, Spouse of the Granduca saying, in order to place itself on the Column.....


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