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Cupola 3D in VRML

The Total architecture
As far as navigation in 3D not are predefined limits, unless:
  • For the model of the Dome the reproduced area e' of approximately 100 meters of beam, and therefore moving itself to advanced distances much to 20 meters from the Cupola appears obvious “the incompletezza” of the simulated world;
  • For the others 3 models, piu' just those of the Spider, the Parchment and the Column Quarry, that they are models of a closed space, e' necessary to move with caution in order to avoid “to exit from the space of the model.

The model of the Duomo

This model has two link with other models, two particular and three predefined points of view.

The link they are:

  • the income to the Column Quarry is found on one of the bows of the Spider, and e' represented from a black rectangle;
  • the income to the Spider is found on the inner part of the Cupola, to the apex of it.

Of the 8 images 2 are available single; in order to render, the inside of the cupola more evocative the sun two sails (the quarter and fifth) have been brought back alternatively on the lacking positions.

To the state they puts into effect can be examined in detail:

The three predefined points of view are: high:

  • sight from above of the Duomo
  • lateral: sight North-South of the Cupola
  • pylon: close to the income of the Column Quarry of the Brunelleschi.
  • cupola: inner sight of the Cupola facade: sight from 
  • The facciata of the Duomo
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